Welcome to Bhagat Puran Singh Farm of Zero Budget Natural Farming & Agriculture Research Center

Dairy Farming

Dairy Farming

Pingalwara has own dairy farm and which have more than 100 cows of different breeds, The wastage of cows also be helpful of agriculture land to increase the yield
Horticulture Farming

Horticulture Farming

Pingalwara has promote the horticulture farming and also be planted many different types of fruit plants in pingalwara,

All India Pingalwara Charitable Society (Regd) Amritsar.

Founder of Pingalwara

He is a tall, shabbily dressed man, who may be found tramping with his wooden sandals or riding a rickshaw....

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Pingalwara Natural

Pingalwara has set up its own Zero Budget Natural Farm at Dheerekot near Jandiala Guru, Amirtsar ....

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Excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticide has manifested itself in Cancer, female fetal loss, adverse effects on reproductive health. Pingalwara truly believes and preaches against the extensive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in farming Now proceed to all important point whether we should consider money or ourselves first. Prolonged exposure to pesticides in humans can lead to severe disorders in our reproductive, nervous and immune system PLUS in some cases can even lead to cancer. Exposure to some pesticides can be 'hell' for a pregnant lady as it can easily lead to death of baby and even if the baby is produced will have lots of disorders or even loss of limbs..


  • You are truly doing God's work.God Bless
    Tim Singh Uppal
    Canadian Federal Member Of State
  • This has been an incredibly special visit. Seeing for myself and with my own eyes what I have only heard with words about the wonder that is Pingalwara. Thank you for all yours sacrifices and all you do. From you the world has much to learn
    Seema Malhotra
    M.P., London
  • Thank you for hosting us and for all the good work that you do
    David Cusack
    The White House, Washington, DC
  • I visited here today. It is really very wonderful experience. All persons associated with this institution are doing a great service to humanity. After coming here one feels like doing something for socially deprived persons. May God bless all of them who are involved in it. I appreciated the efforts done by Dr. Inderjit Kaur who is running this institution whole heartedly and selflessly.
    IPS Sahota
    DIG Border Range, Amritsar